Centre Resolutions Conflits

The CRC is a non-governmental organization for peace, Justice and development. He was.


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Over five million people have died in DR Congo since 1998. Communities have been torn apart as neighbour turns on neighbour, law and order disintegrates and development grinds to a halt. Boys as young as seven are abducted in rebel militias, their mothers and sisters raped, their fathers murdered. The tragedy seems overwhelming – but local NGO CRC is dedicated to making peace last.

Henri understands the pressures that the local community are under, because he has been there with them every day of this terrifying war, but ten years ago he came to a crossroads, and chose peace over violence.

Henri is now director of local organisation Céntre Resolution Conflits (CRC). Twice he has been abducted and tortured by militia, with sticks forced between his fingernails. The last time he fled for his life with his wife and child, walking for three days through dank jungle, in fear of the threat of brutal militia at every moment. He is now more determined than ever.

The CRC has been working right through the war, mediating in violent flashpoints, building relationships between the UN and militias and training people from different tribes to live together peacefully, to prevent violence, unite communities and save lives.

In Novemeber 2012, East DR Congo erupted in violence after the key city of Goma was seized the rebel M23 movement. Despite the turbulent situation, and even as as international organisations evacuate staff, Peace Direct partners in the region are continuing their vital peacebuilding work. Read more on insightonconflict.org