Centre Resolutions Conflits

The CRC is a non-governmental organization for peace, Justice and development. He was.


A world where there is love, tolerance, mutual respect and the culture of peace and non-violence.


Help the physical and legal persons to peacefully resolve their conflicts, in order to create the best conditions for an integrated community development.


Collaboration: Reflect the cooperation, humility and transparency in the exercise of its responsibilities;

Helpfulness: Pick up the discretion, attendance, trust, responsibility and dedication to the advancement of work;

Compassion: Demonstrate compassion in the work, calm and patience with others, taking time to listen, by demonstrating courtesy and understanding, respecting everyone without distinction or favoritism.

Love: Aim for a quality of relations between the staffs, with communities and beneficiaries; the expression of the love of God and the dignity which God confirmation has all clothed us. Love of one's neighbour and the enemy; the tolerance, patience, forgiveness, kindness and humility.

Justice: aspire to humanism and truth, recognizing the need for the understanding of human rights in our communications with beneficiaries and communities.

Neutrality: be neutral, have addiction or one or the other parties in conflict